Energy Generation

Energy Generation

Solar Farm

Green field development    EPC    IPP

Bison is an integrator for the entire cycle for Solar project on ground and rooftop, to secure clean source of solar power generation with best LCOE. 

Project origination    Interconnection application    Permits    Financing    System Design

ConstructionOperation and maintenance program

Asset Management

Energy Generation

Onshore wind farm development

Wind power as reliable and major source of renewable energy. 

Bison is involved in development and operation of Wind farm in different markets. 

Energy Generation

Biomass project development

Japan is our main focus market for Biomass projects, where a very attractive FIT policy is given for different feedstocks. Currently we are focusing on PKS and Pallet as feedstocks with an attractive FIT for 20 years with imported feedstocks, or even more favourable FIT of 20 years for domestic feedstocks.