Laceby Solar Project Community Meeting

The community information meeting of the Laceby Solar Farm was held at the Wangaratta Library on 29th July 2019.
The main concerns out of the meeting were about the removal of native vegetation, trees, flooding risk, solar glare, land devaluation, agricultural land loss, noise and the potential heat island effect. There were also some very valuable and supportive opinions.
From correspondence with relevant council and government parties, we have addressed the raised concerns and along with additional reports and required studies we have conducted since the meeting, we are positive the local community will be supportive of this project.

We would like to thank all that voiced their opinions and for the community members that attended the meeting. Bison Energy##s team learned a lot from the valuable feedback and all the concerns will continue to be carefully considered.
For those who are unable to attend, please feel free to send your queries to

The proposed Laceby Solar Farm is a 60MW ac connected Solar Farm generator, located in Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia. So far, according to the current progresses we made, we estimate construction will commence Q4 of 2020.

Bison Energy started up in June of 2016 in Japan, and operated in April of 2017 with the full experienced and professional team in the renewable energy field, with three years fast development, we already have the office in Japan, Australia, Korea, Italy and Spain.
We focus on the solar development business when started and now extended to wind and biomass business.
Bison Energy Group is an international leading large-scale renewable energy developer and investor with a portfolio of projects across Europe, Asia and Australia. The company identifies sites, negotiates land arrangements, network connection and arranges all key
commercial contracts including construction, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and financing.
The company partners with the world##s best and experienced suppliers and investors to fund, design, construct and operate the solar farm. Bison Energy Group is well placed with its specialist knowledge, experience and partners to be able to successfully develop, construct and operate solar farms.

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