Bison No.20 Solar Project 100%

Bison Energy Japan completed the transaction for the No. 20 solar power plant in Gyobashi City, Fukuoka Prefecture, on November 20, 2019. Developed by a Japanese team, this power plant has a capacity of 1,120 kW AC / 1,503 kW DC. Once operational, it generates approximately 1,878 MWh annually and reduces CO₂ emissions by around 1,323 tons. Kansai Electric Power has entered into a power purchase agreement for this plant for a period of 20 years.

Construction of the Bison No. 20 solar power plant commenced in the second quarter of 2020 and is scheduled for commissioning by the third quarter of 2020. The power generation equipment will utilize JA solar panels and HUAWEI inverters.

Bison Energy Corporation is a professional renewable energy developer with internal resources. Our services include:

Land acquisition

Application for power grid interconnection and procedures with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

Development permits related to land

Operation and maintenance business

Bison Energy was founded in June 2016 and began operating in the renewable energy sector in April 2017 with an experienced and professional team. Over the past three years, we have experienced rapid growth and established offices in Japan, Australia, South Korea, Italy, and Spain. While initially focusing on solar power projects, we have expanded into wind power and biomass businesses.

Bison Energy Group is an international large-scale renewable energy developer and investor. Our investment projects span across Europe, Asia, and Australia, covering site selection, negotiations, and power grid interconnection procedures. We handle construction, power purchase agreements (PPAs), funding and commercial contracts.

We collaborate with the most experienced suppliers and investors worldwide to provide funding, design, construction, and operation for solar power plants. Bison Energy Group benefits from specialized knowledge, experience, and partnerships necessary for the successful development, construction, and operation of solar power plants.

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