Bison No.32 project commissioning

Bison Energy Japan completely the construction of the project located in Kurahashichou Kureshi Hiroshima Prefecture; this project is invested by Bison Energy Japan with 20 Years 18Yen/kwh FIT,
Developed by our Japanese team, the power plant will have a capacity of 280.0Kw AC/ 335.6Kw DC.
Once the power generation plant is commissioned, it will generate approximately 435MWh of electricity annually, which represents a reduction of approximately 130TCO? emission per annum.
Chugoku Electric Power Company have signed a Power Purchase Agreement to purchase all the electricity generated by the plant for the next 20 years.
The BISON No.32 project commenced the construction on 15th of Feb 2021 and commissioned on 22th of February 2021. The power generation equipment sourced and installed with Jinko Solar panels, HUAWEI inverters and Antai Solar Racking system.