Development of 7.5MW Carawatha Solar Farm in NSW Australia – DA Approved

The 7.5mw Carawatha Solar Farm (BE Pro G Pty Ltd), a wholly owned subsidiary of Bison Energy Group, has been issued Development Approval (DA) by the NSW Planning Panel.
Located near the local township of Finley, NSW, the name ‘Carawatha’ was selected to pay tribute to the local Wiradjuri first persons. ‘Carawatha’ means for the ‘Place of Pines’ and was the original township name before being surveyed in the 1870’s and named Finley.
The 7.5mw solar PV project has been designed with the most up-to-date PV panel technology to generate maximum energy output over a smaller area of land. Located on approx. 17 hectares, leased from a local farmer, the facilities annual CO2 savings is equivalent to 1,930 homes electricity use per year and can save 11,700 tons of greenhouse gases emissions from entering our atmosphere every year. 
Director, Brendan Murphy - Business Development of Bison Energy Australia said: “Australia is an important market for us. We have had a great cooperation with the local partners and we are ready to invest (US) $20 million plus in the next three years to develop other projects in Australia, especially in those area, where the climate conditions and sun irradiation are perfectly paired with cutting edge solar technology.
Bison plans to complete the development of Carawatha Solar Farm until the end of 2021 and start construction in 2022. 
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