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Bostocks Creek Solar Farm


AC: 4.95 MW

DC: 6.42 MW

Site area: Approx 17 hectares

Development cost:  8 million AUD

Construction period: 3-6 months

Status: In Construction

Project Owner: Bison Energy Australia



Bison Energy Australia have successfully completed the development stage of the project.

Planning approval was granted by the Victorian Planning Minister for the 4.95 Megawatt micro Solar Facility at 931 Camperdown-Cobden Road, Bostocks Creek, approximately 2.5 kilometres north east of Cobden. The proposed facility will only occupy an area of approximately 15-17 hectares leaving plenty of land to remain as agricultural farming.

Sheep will remain grazing in and around the facility- a term called ‘AgriVoltaics’ which is a great outcome for the facility and the local community.

The Bostocks Creek Solar Farm will be connected to Powercor’s 22kV network and will generate approximately enough electricity to power 1540 standard residential homes.

The project’s footprint enables a more compact development on the land and avoid any substantial impacts on surrounding properties, or loss of productive agricultural land. The proposal also utilises the most up to date PV panel technology to generate maximum energy output over a smaller area of land.

The site was identified as a suitable candidate for operation for a solar facility primarily because it’s direct access to the Powercor network on Camperdown-Cobden Road with the adjacent 22kV transmission line, which supports good capacity. Development of this site eliminates the need for any significant reconfiguration of the power supply network in the area as it can be directly connected with relatively minor works and effect to neighbours.

If you would like to be involved in this exciting development, get in touch via or free call 1800 10 55 04.




Bison Energy Australia is pleased to announce that the Bostocks Creek Solar Farm is now fully permitted. The construction stage is anticipated to commence over the next few months and is planned for completion by early 2024. Bison welcome any locals seeking to be involved or wanting further information to reach out to our office details below. The project will bring great social and financial benefits to the local community.



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